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I have always believed in a future in which people and organizations can achieve the goals they really want, feed their motivations, and eliminate stress. This happens when people realize and fully become aware of their greatest resource: their potential. (Rodolfo Parlati)

The 3 Transformations You Can Get


Growth and success are about achieving our goals and fulfilling our dreams. It means waking up in the morning and feeling victorious. It is the ability to design the life and lifestyle we really want


Aristotle introduced the notion of “highest good” to indicate what is desired in itself and not with a view to further good. The highest good of man is happiness


Well-being results linked to the development of people’s potential, to their growth, and to the relationship between individuals and their environment

Road to Personal & Professional Success

Benefits of Coaching

Improvement of Self-efficacy

Coaching helps you develop, maintain and strengthen self-efficacy, and therefore the perception you have of yourself about your ability to do.

Greater Self-awareness

It leads you to develop your ability to focus and openly look at your personal, professional and relational behaviours

Alignment between values, decisions and behaviours

Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. Coaching helps you keep your actions consistent with them

Increase in productivity and efficiency in managing your time

Coaching can help you understand new ways of thinking about time differently, how not to waste your energy and how to invest it by focusing on your activities

Planning and achievement of goals

Coaching helps to define in a realistic way specific personal and professional goals, and to design your life in every aspect, allowing you to implement actions that lead to the realization of your masterpiece

Ability to feed a process of continuous improvement and learning

It contributes to developing your personal and professional skills, competences, resources and potential, as well as better regulation of your emotions and moods

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Areas of Action


Life Coaching

Find your inner potential

Better manage your time

Become more productive and focused

Live with less stress

Work-life balance

Improve your relationships

Achieve your goal

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Executive Coaching

Improvement of your leadership skills

Increase in productivity

Strengthen your communication skills

Development of the inner potential

Time management improvement

Goal achievement

Diversity & Inclusion management

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Leadership Training

Effective communication and goal setting

Conflict resolution and emotional intelligence

Time management


Employee engagement

Motivation and influence

Stress management

Change management

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    His great guidance has helped many individuals to discover their potential.

    Ligia C.

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    Given a problem, he looks for solutions and is not afraid of venturing into something new.

    Ayaz Z.

    Testimonial Ayaz Z.
  • Testimonial

    His work has changed my life incredibly, helping me achieve my life goals.

    Francesco C.

    best executive coach in italy - rodolfo parlati

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