A marathon that lasts a lifetime

Written by on 16/01/2021

If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon

I have always loved walking and running, and consider them some sorts of metaphors for our lives. Marathon is one of these.

Every day we choose a path to walk and the direction to take. At times, we need to go slowly and enjoy what happens on the way. Others, we have to run to follow what we perceive is going faster than us.

What counts is to never stand still and see others walking their own path, while we expect something could happen.

We could run very fast and risk to arrive too tired at the finish line, or simply walk and choosing to automatically limit our real potential.

Marathon is the pace of change in our life. It lets us go through our path at the right speed, experiencing all the events we can live but, at the same time, making our courageous choices, managing our energies during the long run, and keeping focused on our main goal.

Are you ready to start your own marathon?

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