Adversity is the first path to truth

Written by on 17/01/2021

Adversity is the first path to truth

During my university years, I used to spend time with some friends, all students, talking about several topics. One night, one of them, who studied Psychology, submitted us to a test: each should have chosen some personal relevant words and then gradually extract some of these until arriving at only one, the most important.

My word was “truth”.

What was the truth for me? I asked myself many times. I considered my purposes, efforts, passions, and beliefs and understood that many of them were focused on searching for the truth.

Truth is everywhere, mostly inside of us. It is not easy to find. We often understand to have found it when facing adversities. These challenge us but it is just in tough times that we can deeply understand what surrounds us, and mostly ourselves.

What is the word that better defines you and what you are looking for?

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