Best Online Executive Coaching Services in Europe by Rodolfo Parlati Presents: Are you a good active listener? (9 tips to becoming it!)

Written by on 22/02/2021

Are you a good listener (9 tips to becoming it)

Active listening is a basic ability every effective leader should have in order to guarantee a high level of communication with the employees and collaborators.

It consists of the ability to deeply listen to what people say by establishing a high level of participation in the conversation and paying high attention to any detail of the communication process itself. It’s not simply “to get information”.

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How improving your active listening ability? It needs continuous training but there are some simple strategies that can help us become better listeners:

1 – Never interrupting

2 – Being open-minded with no rush to conclusions

3 – Listening closely instead of just getting ready to reply

4 – Focusing on what saying, rather than who is saying it

5 – More listening than talking

6 – Pausing for thought

7 – Ask questions

8 – Making eye contact

9 – Learning to observe

These are some key points that can lead you to acquire a better awareness of your active listening ability and guarantee an improvement both in your personal and business performance.

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