How bad habits chain your working productivity

Written by on 21/07/2021

How bad habits chain your working productivity

Have you ever felt as if your behaviors repeated themselves just like a broken record? This happens because you are not in control of your bad habits (the negative behavior patterns that you repeat over time).

Procrastination, impulsive browsing, multitasking, blaming others, and perfectionism are some examples of habits that can lead to a drastic reduction in your working productivity.

Many bad habits are hidden within some behavior and the people who are affected do not even know they have them since they act uncontrolled.

You often cling to these habits because they make you feel safe but then can lead you to negative moods.

How can you deal with them and unchain your working productivity?

By replacing the factor that gives birth to the bad habit with a new, more positive model. This helps you no longer repeat negative behavior and therefore no longer fall into the bad habit.

To do this you can follow these steps:

  1. Focus on the present moment and think positive
  2. Be aware of your behavior and observe how it works
  3. Replace the negative habit with a positive one
  4. Repeat the new pattern for 21 days, in order to fix it in your subconscious mind
  5. Reward yourself

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