How do you face the resistance to change?

Written by on 18/03/2021

How do you face the resistance to change?

Why is it so difficult and we tend to feel resistance to change? Even when we perceive dissatisfaction or unhappiness, letting go of some aspects of our lives seems to be an impossible task. What prevents us from doing this?

Resistance to change is a human instinct, a physiological fact that has to do with the conservation of the species and with the attitude rooted in humans to remain in their own comfort zone.

Many times, this resistance is unconscious and related to some old habits, and the positive intentions these bring with them.

Some examples of manifestations of resistance to change are:
– beating around the bush
– changing the subject
– defence mechanisms to move away from something (like laughing)
– low participation

How to cope with this?

A starting point is to become aware of oneself and get involved and consider change as an opportunity, rather than a threat. Furthermore, it is important to recognize the positive intentions behind the old habits and turn them into new and more empowering behaviours.

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