How to guide your business and sales squad for online selling

Written by on 03/01/2022

Mastering Online Sales: A Series For Effective Sales Team Leaders


How to guide your business and sales squad for online selling

Chapter 1 – How to guide your business and sales squad for online selling

Being in charge of a company requires a certain character and a lot of courage, as well as remarkable leadership skills. The latter, in particular, are necessary for the management of a key aspect for companies: the creation of an effective sales squad. Its success can determine the one of your entire business because, without new negotiations, any organization would have serious problems.

The current complexity of the online market, in which potential customers are increasingly informed and aware of the range of alternatives available, requires sales figures to also consider ever-increasing needs and expectations that need to be satisfied at any time. In this context, what are the characteristics that make a sales team effective?

A squad and process must be able to adapt to a greater number of potential customers, jumpstart the sales activity when needed, as well as use training and recruitment programs that allow to train and quickly recruit more staff. within the sales team.
This also considers the component of cost limitation, based on sales parameters such as the cost per lead.

6 key points to building a winning sales squad

Here are some tips you can take to help your sales team grow your business while growing as a team:

1. Provide training and create a collaborative spirit. Sales training is essential for letting reps know about your culture and processes. Product training is also needed to help them better understand your product or service, as well as its USP (Unique Selling Proposition). The training must be uniform so that everyone starts with the same information and goals to achieve. To build a successful sales team, you need a comprehensive training program that you can repeat over and over again. If you want your team to grow, you also need to encourage the development of a collaborative atmosphere. Individual ambition drives salespeople to close deals, but creating a sense of overall collaboration is critical to growing the business as a whole.

2. Align marketing and sales. For your business to be truly effective, the sales and marketing departments work together. They need to provide each other with the information necessary for successful lead closure. Make sure messaging is consistent across teams. For example, marketers need to know what’s going on in sales, what market the team is trying to penetrate, the ideal customer profile, track metrics, etc. Viceversa, the sales teams need to provide the required information and use the efforts of the marketing department to expand their reach.

3. Involve and motivate employees in their work. It’s not easy to grow your business if your staff doesn’t feel involved in their work and the most capable employees leave. To avoid this, you can use tools such as Gamification to encourage good behaviours and processes or a ranking to recognize, reward, and incentivize your best sellers. Plus, it’s helpful to keep employees engaged with immediate feedback and a healthy sense of competition.

4. Automate processes as much as possible. Identify everything your sales team members do manually, which they spend too much time on that can be better invested elsewhere. Find out if there is a way to automate this process and improve productivity. For example, some tools allow you to integrate various activities into a single platform. In fact, these provide people with valid support in the effective management of time.

5. Encourage remote work solutions. Often, companies are limited due to the physical boundaries of the offices. Encouraging remote work is a great way to expand your sales team without expanding office space, allowing you to easily grow on your schedule and save on costs.

6. Invest in technological tools. Various tools can make life easier for your sales team members in various ways. One of them is CRM software, but there are several others for prospecting, scheduling meetings, calling, and more.


The work of online sales can be emotionally exhausting for some people, especially in the first few months. Over time, the work becomes more exciting as you learn and start closing deals. For this, it is necessary that the sales team have a positive and action-focused attitude. Furthermore, it’s important that its members know how to effectively interface with an environment that is constantly and rapidly changing.

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