How to increase self-efficiency

Written by on 29/10/2022

How to increase self-efficiency

How to increase self-efficiency

Personal experiences of effective management

Direct experiences are primarily responsible for building a sense of self-efficacy. In particular, it is the perception of the quality of your performance that affects this. The factors that influence it are basically: the basic belief in your abilities, the difficulty of the task, the quality of commitment and help received, and the history of successes and failures.

Vicarious experiences

In essence, it’s about seeing what results in others get when they put certain actions into practice. If their behaviour leads to a positive outcome, then you will tend to mimic it too, engaging in the form of learning known as “modelling”.


Persuading is a tool that reinforces the belief that you have what it takes to achieve your goals. This is based on positive verbal and non-verbal reinforcement that enriches people with positive and realistic information about their abilities.

Whenever you find yourself in situations that test your skills, you tend to experience a state of physiological arousal. This happens as the body prepares for action.  All of this tends to negatively affect the sense of self-efficacy.  

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