How to not to procrastinate (Did you know procrastination costs you?)

Written by on 19/09/2021

How to not to procrastinate (Did you know procrastination costs you?)

What happens when you have a long list of things to do and your times are tight? The temptation is strong. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth. The phrase “I’ll do it tomorrow” is very common and you’d be in good company!

Procrastination means intentionally and habitually putting off things you know should be done, preferring short-lived pleasure, while knowing that this delay will bring you negative results. It means “not choosing”, consciously or not. Postponing is a source of certainty that essentially keeps you in your comfort zone. It is the fear of daring and failing that leads you to satisfy your need for security by postponing actions that would allow you to “raise the bar”. But if you put it off, you don’t live.

Furthermore, procrastination can lead to dissatisfaction, last-minute panic, anxiety, a sense of inadequacy, bad work, stress and a decrease in self-esteem. This is your “cost” for procrastinating things.

How to not to procrastinate

How to stop procrastinating and overcome fear? Here’s a list of simple and useful tips to learn how to not to procrastinate:

Identify the reasons for procrastination. Become aware of the emotion that leads you to postpone and review the way you perceive it.
Take action. Focus on the first action to do, don’t think about the final goal and do it now! Let things take hold as you go.
Prevent temptations. Try to eliminate distractions and use positive language with yourself.
Learn to manage time and plan. If you learn to organize your time, you will be able to complete any task. Learn to plan by dividing activities by priority, deadline and importance.
Visualize yourself in the future. By changing your attitude you can improve your perception of yourself and of the activities to be carried out. It takes 10 minutes a day to visualize yourself in the future, imagining what you want to become and the experiences you want to live.

Coaching can help you develop your responsibility and increase awareness of your emotions, as well as support you in choosing the actions to take. All key aspects in understanding what limits you from living a full and fulfilling life. Furthermore, they are essential points to learn how to not to procrastinate.

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