How’d you spend your only coin? (why time management is important)

Written by on 07/04/2021

If you had only one coin how would you spend it?

Never understood why time management is important? Everyone hears, almost on a daily basis, of the importance of money, with its supposed scarcity, and how to wisely invest it.

Yes, just invest. Please, remember this word.

So many people believe money is the most important resource one can have but have these people ever given the same importance to time?

Money can work a bit like a “roller coaster” in our lives, with its ups and downs. Instead, time works differently.

It is a line with a beginning and an end.

So, why not having the same attitude towards time as we have towards money?

Why not investing it rather than simply spend it?

We often focus on tasks that have poor relevance or have none at all in our personal or professional path. That’s why time management is important.

To really evaluate our time and begin to “invest” it as it were the only coin we have, we can plan the right action to take by considering two key factors, urgency and importance, and then choose among these actions (as illustrated in the Eisenhower matrix):

– Do
– Schedule
– Delegate
– Eliminate

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