Is your communication empathic?

Written by on 24/03/2021

Is your communication empathic

Empathy is at the basis of the building of any valuable relationship, when we are able to see things through the other, trying to understand their thoughts and emotions.

This is very important, but how do we link it to our communication style?

According to empathic communication (also known as nonviolent), we can choose to follow a:
– “Jackal” style, based on the research of conflict creation. Indeed, the jackal is an animal that tends to take advantage of others.
– “Giraffe” style, in which communication is aimed at building trust. In fact, the giraffe has the biggest heart among terrestrial mammals, and with its long neck, it represents the model of empathy and long-term vision.

When we choose an empathic communication style with our collaborators or people around us, we actually decide to put active listening and comprehension in the middle of our relationship, by finding the “echos” of others in ourselves.

How putting this into action? By considering these elements:

– Observation of the facts (the concrete actions)
– Identification of feelings (how we feel)
– Recognition of needs (what creates our feelings)
– Expression of requests (the concrete actions we desire)

Empathic communication is very useful mostly in those situations in which it has not yet been established a relationship of trust with the other person, and also when there is a conflict underway.

So, do you act like a “jackal” or a “giraffe”?

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