Leaving a trail

Written by on 18/01/2021

Leaving a trail

My whole childhood was characterized by constant research for the unexplored, anything that was unknown or not clear enough.

Over time, my thirst for research for all the questions I had was limited by a very common sensation: fear.

What attracted me before, then began to scare me.

Why? Because it is easier to follow a well-known way, where there are already indications, rest areas, and other people walking on your same path.

Where does it really lead?

To a life already written in which all the actors play the same old script.

Taking new paths means courage, efforts, loneliness, trust, hope. Not easy, but why not try?

Change is not in following paths already walked, but in exploring new ways and leaving a trail of our passage.

Are you ready to leave your own trail?

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