About me

Rodolfo Parlati about meWho I am? I am a Professional Coach. What I do is to help people who want to undertake some paths aimed at discovering their potential to achieve their personal and professional goals. In short, “giving shape” to these. I support those who want to start such paths to help them overcome obstacles and set themselves new challenges. I trained at the “Prometeo Coaching” Coaching School based in Pescara, Italy and I am a member of the A.Co.I. (Italian Coaching Association) with Registration No. 1252. After having graduated in Business Administration, I specialized in Marketing. Then, I attended numerous courses on topics such as copywriting and digital and content marketing. More recently, my educational background and professional experience have led me to deepen one of my favourite topics. This is leadership with all its features. Today, I am also a Leadership Trainer who shares his knowledge and experience through training courses and webinars.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. (John F. Kennedy)

Brainz Magazine ECI was also an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, a global media brand with a focus on information about business, mindset, innovation, leadership and lifestyles. I periodically wrote some articles with which I shared my knowledge and experiences about some topics related to my coaching activity. Sharing them has always been a “mission” for me. It is a sort of instinct that guides me to help others improve and become the best version of themselves.

Special Awards

CREA 2021 Badge High ResolutionIn 2021, I was featured on the CREA Global Awards List 2021 – Brainz Magazine’s prestigious list of honorees recognized for their creative ideas, adaptability in business, or their work with sustainability or mental health. This is a big honour for me. Furthermore, it is something that pushes me to always do better and grow on my professional path.

IADPES LogoIn 2022, I received the prestigious award IADPES (Pax et Salus International Diplomatic Academy) as part of the Books for Peace 2022 award ceremony. The Academy pursues the objective of social solidarity and every diplomatic action to ensure Peace and Health in the world for the most complete affirmation of the rights of the person in its expression.

What I Believe In

My natural curiosity often leads me to explore new fields. I love walking, talking, reading, acting, travelling, listening to music, playing the guitar, studying, and writing. I have always believed each person hides a big potential inside. One of my beliefs is that everyone has the “keys” to building the change they desire, achieving what they really want and finding happiness.

For happiness, I mean a direction to take, a path towards self-realization. So, the intention is to increase the quality of our lives, despite the difficulties we could find on our way. In short, achieving the “highest good”.

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