How to Manage Anger Effectively

    Each of us experiences anger in life but not everyone knows the negative effect it can have on any kind of relationship, both professionally and personally. In fact, anger is an emotion like all the others but it can have a big contribution to making things worse in relationships. This happens because we tend to blame others for our anger. In reality, people are simply a stimulus for our anger, not the real cause.

    In fact, the real cause can be found in our biases, interpretations, beliefs and patterns that we have in our minds. It’s easy to point the finger against someone else but this doesn’t help us solve the situations and understand the real needs behind our anger. So, how to effectively manage anger? Try to follow these steps:

    1. Stop for a moment and breathe.
    2. Identify your feelings and unsatisfied needs
    3. Connect to your needs.
    4. Express your feelings and unsatisfied needs.

    And last but not least, don’t forget to be empathetic with other people. It’s very very important!

    Now, how do you manage your anger?

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