Coaching is a specialized intervention that aims at developing potential, increasing performance, overcoming personal limits and supporting the achievement of objectives. Practically, it is a method of training the potential that characterizes itself for the displacement, production and movement towards what the client desires in the future.

The purpose of a Coaching relationship is personal and professional change. This allows the Client to develop and implement, through his resources and his personal potential, the paths and objectives he wishes to achieve.

Coaching services base themselves on a process relationship focused on training personal potential and improving performance. In this relationship, only the client and the coach determine the purpose of their work. Indeed, they act jointly through it and the creation of results, in which the client decides and promotes suitable actions to achieve the desired goal.

Coaching services

My Coaching Services

Life Coaching

Life coaching aims to develop dedicated self-development and self-efficacy programs that can be verified through concrete objectives. So, it can be used in every aspect of people’s private life. From personal relationships to work, from study to relationship with oneself, especially in situations of change or passage through the different stages of life. Specifically, individual Coaching sessions focus on helping you:

  • find your inner potential
  • better manage your time
  • become more productive and focused
  • live with less stress
  • manage work-life balance
  • improve your relationships
  • manage career transition
  • achieve your goals

Executive Coaching

It is the business coaching area dedicated to top managers, executives and professionals. The relationship takes place within corporate, government, non-profit or educational organizations. More precisely, Executive Coaching is a specific service to enhance personal effectiveness, in the management of people, time and resources. It helps you:

  • solve problems and make the right decisions
  • contribute to the growth of your performance
  • improve your leadership skills
  • create personal and corporate value
  • strengthen your communication skills
  • facilitate the exploration of alternatives and possibilities