The ‘corrosive effect’ of anger (aka ‘how to effectively manage anger’)

Written by on 14/06/2021

The corrosive effect of anger

What’s your experience with anger? Can you perceive when it arises? How do you manage anger?

Anger is an emotion that expresses compulsion and frustration in the face of something you perceive as an injustice, annoyance or threat. It can be triggered by internal and external causes or the memory of traumatic events.

It is a normal emotion that everyone experiences in life. There is nothing wrong with anger, but if it is not managed correctly, escaping your control, can lead to major problems. Over time, it can have a sort of ‘corrosive effect’ on you and consequently affect negatively your mood, health and relationships without even noticing.

How to effectively manage anger?

The first thing to do is to listen to yourself and become aware of your sensations. This leads to higher self-awareness and responsibility for your own emotions.

Here are some tactics to manage anger:

  • Identify your judgmental thoughts and how they affect you
  • Focus on your breathing
  • Take action to find solutions
  • Connect with your needs
  • Verbally express your feelings
  • Take your time and get away from what makes you angry
  • Learn to say no
  • Take advantage of humour and self-irony

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