The “dark side” of the perfectionist

Written by on 18/05/2021

A quote about the dark side of the perfectionist

In my adolescence, I remember to have been a perfectionist. I was continuously obsessed by the research of perfection in anything I did. I procrastinated many activities this way, without realizing it. Over time, I understood this attitude made me waste a lot of time revising and redoing things without concluding. I decided a change was needed.

Having a perfectionist’s behaviour and mindset can lead to several problems. For example, a higher level of anxiety, stress, and even depression in the long run. Why does it happen? Because there is basically a misperception of failure and mistakes.

Here are some typical traits of the perfectionist:

  • Not accepting the slightest mistake.
  • All or nothing attitude.
  • Success is never enough.
  • Being extremely hyper-critical of ourselves.
  • Necessarily be in control of anything.
  • Hardly accepting solutions other than yours.
  • Getting depressed when not reaching your goals.
  • Procrastinating to do things at the “right” time.
  • Sacrificing your well-being to make something perfect.
  • Often spending a lot of time perfecting something.

How to overcome it?

By focusing on embracing “imperfection”, accepting to not control anything, believing failure is an occasion of experience and start embracing the hardship of beginnings.

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