The extraordinariness of being in balance (what’s work-life balance?)

Written by on 27/04/2021

The extraordinariness of being in balance (what's work life balance)

Have you ever heard of “work-life balance”? To be honest, it’s a common topic, nowadays, but it deserves to be explained. Let’s start with a short example. Do you remember when, as a kid, you took the first step into learning how to ride a bike?

What’s your struggle?

The balance. At that time, you needed it to follow your direction and avoid falling down. Think about it nowadays. What are you “riding” and what’s your direction?

For many people, it refers to their work-life balance. It’s not simply a matter of considering how to share the available time between private life and work, but mostly to define the meaning and give a purpose to the actions we take in our lives. At the same time, we need to feel good and prosperous in energy and time.

An effective work-life balance brings many positive effects, like stress reduction, better ability to be present, mental and physical health, relationships, and more productivity.

How to do it?

The first step consists of building a healthy and less stressful mentality by learning which things are in our control and which ones don’t. This helps us be more conscious and take some actions like:

  • focusing on the important things
  • delegating as much as possible
  • being more present
  • creating space for creative thinking
  • building strong boundaries

Do you want to know more?

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