The illusion to effectively communicate

Written by on 11/03/2021

The illusion to communicate

Modern society requires people to be able to effectively communicate on several levels. In many cases, conventions, biases, and wrong beliefs lead to a distorted perception of our communication’s effectiveness.

When we try to communicate with others by only “sharing” information we actually don’t communicate at all. It remains a simple illusion.

For instance, today’s leaders need to build a clear vision and inspire their team. It will need to follow and make it their vision, too. They have to connect on an individual level and lead people to move from an “I” to a “we” mindset. To do this, leaders need to build trust by improving both their verbal and non-verbal communication.

Being able to effectively communicate requires commitment, consistency, discipline, clarity, open-mindedness, and a deep willingness to sincerely listen to what others have to say.

By making effective communication a priority and building a good communication system able to connect all the people involved, leaders can significantly improve both their effectiveness as communicators and their performance.

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