The pinwheel of diversity (aka Coaching for inclusion)

Written by on 20/04/2021

The pinwheel of diversity (aka Coaching for inclusion)

How do you approach diversity? Ever heard of Coaching for inclusion? If not, I would like the introduce the topic by beginning with an example taken from my personal childhood.

Despite many years have passed, I still remember some of the games I used to create when I was a kid. One of these was a simple pinwheel with the colours of the rainbow. I liked making it turn fast and see the effect it created. All the colours became as only one: white, the colour of the light.

Over time, I learnt that they call this effect “Newton disc”. What it reminds me is how different shades of colours when joined together, lead to a unique pure colour.

How could it work for us, individuals, if we joint our differences in cultures, experiences, and backgrounds to build a uniquely powerful voice able to make a difference?

Nowadays, despite the progress of our society, many interferences remain mostly related to ignorance, fear, and biases.

Many attempts to eliminate them have been done, even if their failure is on the way, in many cases. In business environments, for example, the efforts to create effective inclusion processes can easily fail for two main reasons. The first is a lack of commitment by the leaders, while the second refers to the management that fears to give up some of its power.

Coaching for inclusion is an effective tool to help leaders create a culture based on welcoming diversity and enlarging the vision people have of themselves and the world around them.

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