The spectacles of limiting beliefs

Written by on 15/03/2021

The spectacles of limiting beliefs

“It won’t work!”, “I can’t do it!”, “This is no time!” are only some examples of implicit assumptions we often hear pronouncing by many people, and even by ourselves.

These ones, together with limiting beliefs, work like “distorting spectacles” that block, limit, and force us to take or not take some particular actions by putting a veil before our eyes. Basically, they don’t allow us to express our real potential.

In many cases, limiting beliefs are very rooted. So, we don’t even notice their influence on us. Here are some examples:
– duties
– catastrophizations
– indispensability
– inconvenience

How to limit their negative effect, and even turn them into empowering beliefs?

The key is in recognizing whether they are clearly observable, demonstrable, and convenient.

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