Five Tips to Stop Procrastinating


I am very happy to be featured in “Do It Today“, a very interesting YouTube channel involved in spreading knowledge, experience, and useful tips to young entrepreneurs and professionals. In this video, I talk about something that affects many people in the world, a sort of self-limitation called “procrastination”. What is this? It means to […]
The irresistible sirens’ song of distraction


How do you feel when you have an important task to perform and, at a certain point, you get distracted? It can happen by checking your mobile phone, the emails, or simply by scrolling your social media feed, apparently for no reason? Distraction can make you procrastinate your tasks, as well as make you experience […]
Life? A matter of perspectives


Have you ever felt to be like an actor who always plays the same script? Same words, places, situations… Why? Because you were educated to give extreme importance to security and avoid any risk, or because you lived in an uninspiring environment, or simply because you feel unable to find satisfaction in what you do. […]
Water running out between the fingers


We all know the importance of having a clear purpose and set all the necessary actions in order to achieve it. But what happens when these actions seem not to work? To turn them into tangible results, each goal needs a well-defined plan. This helps us define all the strategies to develop into actions and […]