Unlocking Emotional Intelligence: Key Lessons for Leadership and Personal Growth

This is an episode of a great podcast series called ” The ET Project”, in which I had the pleasure […]
Manage Your Stress And Achieve Success

It is said that it’s not the stress that stress kills us but it’s our reaction to it. The word […]
Are Your Failures Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?

Fear of our failures is a feeling that we all experience at the slightest once in our lives. This fear […]
How to Manage Anger Effectively

Each of us experiences anger in life but not everyone knows the negative effect it can have on any kind […]
Five Tips to Stop Procrastinating


I am very happy to be featured in “Do It Today“, a very interesting YouTube channel involved in spreading knowledge, […]
The irresistible sirens’ song of distraction


How do you feel when you have an important task to perform and, at a certain point, you get distracted? […]
Life? A matter of perspectives


Have you ever felt to be like an actor who always plays the same script? Same words, places, situations… Why? […]
Water running out between the fingers


We all know the importance of having a clear purpose and set all the necessary actions in order to achieve […]

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