What are the effective skills to look out for online sales team members?

Written by on 13/01/2022

Mastering Online Sales: A Series For Effective Sales Team Leaders


What are the effective skills to look out for online sales team members

Chapter 2 – What are the effective skills to look out for online sales team members?

Finding new customers and increasing sales is the main purpose of any business, even when it comes to online sales. Choosing the best tools and sales channels properly is one of the first steps to take to start selling your products or services online. At the same time, it is also necessary to focus one’s attention on who has to manage the company’s sales.

Hence the importance, for a leader, of knowing how to accurately choose and manage his collaborators. In this way, the foundations can be laid for the creation of a winning sales team. To do this, the leader must know how to share the corporate mission and vision with the group, set the specific objectives and tasks of each member together, and outline the processes, providing the necessary information and tools.

First of all, the leader must be able to understand what are the most effective skills and traits that a salesperson must possess, how to acquire and improve them.

So, what are the skills that make the difference between an effective salesperson and a simple salesperson? What allows them to capture the attention of potential customers? What empathizes with them, stimulates their trust and leads them to buy your company’s products or services, instead of choosing those of your competitor?

Let’s see them, briefly, in review.

5 Effective Skills Every Online Salesperson Needs

  1. Attitude to collaboration and synergy. This ability allows salespeople to interact and work as an interdependent team with others building strategic relationships and partnerships. Very important is the synergy between the sales and the marketing department, as the more these two departments communicate and collaborate, the more they will be able to make the process effective to bring prospects to become loyal customers.
  2. Active listening and interpersonal skills. Potential customers are primarily human beings who have expectations, dreams and fears like anyone else. The job of an effective salesperson is to be able to identify their needs, understand what they need, what is holding them back, and offer them a solution that fits their problem. These skills allow you to develop a deep understanding of customers through the analysis of available information. Furthermore, they facilitate and guide their decisions and those of customers.
  3. Negotiating ability. This competence allows you to evaluate the various options present within a negotiation. It helps you identify those that allow you to acquire sustainable competitive advantages also from the customer’s point of view. Therefore, an effective salesperson must know the stages of the sales process and the strategies to be able to close the deals, keeping their mind open to understand the person with whom they are interacting.
  4. Effective communication. Knowing how to communicate does not only mean using the right language but it is something deeper. Various aspects fall into this area, ranging from the ability to structure a speech, to counter objections to being able to tune into the client’s moods, which is a prerogative of emotional intelligence. An effective salesperson can capture attention not only through verbal language but also by modulating gestures, attitudes and tone of voice. This allows a greater focus on the customer and his needs.
  5. Optimism and a positive attitude. The working life of every salesman, especially at the beginning, is full of countless “No”. A positive attitude is precisely the state of mind that a seller must have to not throw in the towel in the face of yet another refusal. It is important to build a relationship of trust with the customer, as his motivations can be the most varied. Anyway, situations change and for that consumer, there could be favourable conditions that lead him to make the purchase decision. On the other hand, what is the use of being discouraged? It is more useful to be optimistic!

In conclusion

Leading a sales team is an ongoing challenge in achieving business goals. Now you know what are the elements to start from and the areas on which you need to focus. There can be a long way to go because selling online is not as easy as it seems. Experience teaches that you have to start with your added value, which is people. From here, thanks also to the help of a coaching path, it is possible to lay the foundations for the creation of successful sales teams.

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