What happens when staying on the surface because of fear of judgement?

Written by on 12/10/2021

What happens when you stay on the surface because of fear of judgement?

The fear of making a mistake and the fear of judgement from yourself or others are two mental cages that many people experience in their daily lives and that most block them in their path of change.

When you decide to change your life, be it business or private, it is easy to deal with this feeling. The risk is to find yourself living a life that is not yours but decided in some way by someone else.

Most of the time the thoughts and fears we have in our mind are real as long as we think about them. These are often not reflected in reality and in the people we believe are always ready to judge us. It is a bit like remaining on the “surface” of things, without exploring what they have within. When we fear the judgment of others, we are most likely the first to doubt ourselves.

Fear of judgement can lead you to lose your spontaneity, avoid being the centre of attention, deny comparisons, avoid expressing your opinions and even miss opportunities.

How to go beyond the “surface” and overcome your fear of judgment?

There are some key steps that can help your overcome the barrier built by judgement. Here they are:

  • Listen actively. In active listening you can find the decisive element of judgment, allowing you to go beyond everything related to judgments and prejudices.
  • Don’t judge others yourself. Whenever you feel that you are about to make a judgment, ask yourself first if you have all the necessary elements to give your opinion.
  • Observe yourself. Be clear with yourself and be aware of your feelings and fears. Examine what’s blocking you and avoid running into judgment.
  • Take action. Through action, you can suspend judgment, because you are engaged in an activity. By considering that this is certainly useful for achieving your goals, you automatically know that you are doing something concrete for yourself.
  • Focus on what you can control. This is the only thing you can manage. You cannot think that you can control the judgment of others. You will make a difference with your attitudes.

Those who live without obsessively seeking confirmations are more serene. They are not afraid of the opinion of others. A Coaching journey can help you improve your self-awareness and understand your emotions and beliefs, as well as support you in choosing the actions to take.

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