What is the power of a dream?

Written by on 15/01/2021

Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity

What is the power of a dream?

During our childhood dreams were our best friends, the good companions that would have been part of our path for the rest of our life.

What happened then?

Many of those have been replaced by “fake” achievements. Just like that guy who, after many years came back just to the lecture room he spent so many hours in during the very first years of university.

Where were the dreams that accompanied him?

They remained “stuck” in that lecture room, becoming as a part of it, just like the walls, chairs or desks. This was his sensation.

He let some false goals take the place of his dreams, making him a person he does not know anymore.

So, if we really trust our dream and make efforts to achieve them. That “silent voice” able to make so much noise in our life is never stuck but will be our faithful companion on the journey of our life.

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