What makes your online sales team work for your brand?

Written by on 26/01/2022

Mastering Online Sales: A Series For Effective Sales Team Leaders


What makes your online sales team work for your brand?

Chapter 3 – What makes your online sales team work for your brand?

Sales teams are often those who can get to know customers within companies in a deeper and more detailed way. Their knowledge and experience are often crucial for developing an effective online presence, making strategic decisions, implementing Customer Care activities and innovating and developing the company offers.

Being part of a sales team, like in sport, means sharing a common goal. As a result, to be achieved, this requires the effort and commitment of each component. Within each group, there are measures to be shared and followed to create a proactive and development-friendly working environment.

The work of a sales team can speed up activities, increase the creativity and efficiency of the solutions provided, making team members more responsible, as each contributes a result. Moreover, good teamwork also helps maximize engagement by utilizing the strengths of its members.

So, what are the main reasons that push the members of a sales team to give the best of themselves and link their professional path to your company?

Here they are:

4 Reasons That Make Your Team Members Work For You

1. Engagement and motivation. High-performing members need to feel that they are being challenged and are moving forward in terms of professional growth and development. So, it is important to take time to meet them and be proactive in discussing career and future projects, without forgetting that your approach should be based on what’s right for your company culture. In particular, some ways to boost engagement among your online sales team members are:

  • Exploit team-building activities
  • Make sure each of them knows your company’s mission, vision and values
  • Communicate with them regularly
  • Highlight the impact they’re making for your company
  • Share mistakes so that every member can learn from them

2. Flexibility and work-life balance. Your team members are human beings. They have kids, doctor appointments and anything that makes life what it is. For example, giving them flexibility with their schedules is a very helpful way to boost a sales team’s performance and commitment. This is also one of the most sought after possibilities in choosing a career path. Furthermore, the chance to exploit remote working solutions will not only give people a break from the office, but it also saves them time and gas money.

3. Pleasant working atmosphere. In any office (or remotely), work takes up many hours of one’s life. Therefore, feeling good is essential. Consequently, a positive atmosphere at work contributes significantly to increasing the productivity and satisfaction of the members of the sales team. Two key factors for the success of the whole group.

4. Effective management. A bad boss can make any employee miserable. Above all, make sure your managers have the tools and resources they need to be successful in their leadership roles. Provide training and development opportunities specially designed for them. Furthermore, make sure your sales team members have appropriate ways to communicate feedback about their managers. Talk to them directly and include questions about their supervisors in workplace climate surveys.


At the foundation of the motivation of your team members is trust. If your team doesn’t trust you and don’t feel that you take care of their needs and interests, it will be difficult for them to feel motivated and guided by your work.

However, when motivation is lacking, one path you can take is to try to have an open and honest conversation with your co-workers. This helps you understand your sales team’s goals, challenges, and issues. In short, the best way to build trust is to be completely transparent with the people in front of you.

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