What’s the power of emotions?

Written by on 25/02/2021

Genius is the ability to renew one's emotions in daily experience

We often hear of denying the power of some of our emotions because they might negatively affect us. This way, how could we deny something that is part of our real essence?

In each emotion are hidden power and a tendency to take action. It’s what makes us move towards a possible goal. Emotions give us direction.

Good leaders can deal with the power of emotions because they can develop their emotional intelligence. This is the ability to understand others’ feelings and their own, and how to manage the situations that generate emotions.

How do they develop their emotional intelligence?

  1. They know their emotional impact on others.
  2. Can control and redirect their emotional excesses and moods for their team.
  3. Find their purpose and motivations that don’t fight with respect towards others.
  4. Understand other people’s emotions and demonstrate empathy.
  5. Can build valuable relationships and promote mutual respect to create a cohesive team able to move in the chosen direction.

This way, leaders can really understand the power hidden in each emotion and wisely choose the right behaviour to take in any situation they live in.

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