When having low self-esteem is a matter of “fun”

Written by on 10/11/2021

When having low self-esteem is matter of fun

“I’m not up!”

“I’m useless.”

“It was all my fault.”

“People don’t consider me.”

“I’ll never make it!”

“I’ll never become the best professional coach!”

Are these phrases familiar to you? – I particularly relate to the last one, at a personal level! Do you often feel inferior to others or inadequate? If so, you probably have low self-esteem.

This is a value judgment you give to yourself. A low level can be a huge obstacle on the path to your goals and aspirations. When you stop believing in yourself, everyone else starts making decisions that would be up to us alone. Furthermore, it will be very difficult for you to take important opportunities, and you won’t even be able to create them for yourself.

Increasing self-esteem is the first step to better face everyday challenges, your most ambitious goals and “have fun” in your life. To do it, it’s crucial to take action. Indeed, it doesn’t matter where you start from or how old you are. What counts is that you begin to take action.

How To Increase Your Self-Esteem

You can’t improve self-esteem all of a sudden but there are some effective actions you can take to increase its level. Here they are:

  • Think and be positive. Being negative does not help you at all, on the contrary, it limits you and demotivates you. Think positively about yourself as a person and about your actions. Hence, accept yourself as you are and improve as much as possible.
  • Look after your appearance. Looking after yourself and improving your physical appearance and the way you dress can have a major impact on your self-esteem. The alignment between the image you have of yourself and the one that others have of you is crucial to being happy.
  • Focus on solutions, rather than on problems. Focusing solely on your problems won’t help you build self-esteem. Instead, start thinking about how you can solve them, evaluating the strategies and the changes you need to find the solutions. Focus on the path ahead and not on the destination.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Only by getting out of your schemes and confronting yourself with new situations do you become more confident in your possibilities. By running away from new situations, you will only convince your brain that you are unable to deal with them and your self-esteem will drop even further.
  • Build your peer group carefully. If you relate to proactive and positive people, you also benefit from their energy and desire to do. This attitude creates emotions and sensations that are easily contagious. Remember that self-esteem must start from within. It is essential to carefully select those who have the right to express an opinion and advise you. Give this task to the best people you know and don’t leave it to negative individuals.

About The Process

So, building self-esteem is not a quick and painless process, but a process that takes time and effort. A Coaching path can help you get out of your comfort zone and gradually expose yourself, evaluating the actions to be taken. So, why not contact the “best professional coach”? (If no one else comes to mind, feel free to reach out and contact me, or set a FREE discovery call).

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